As Seen On Instagram {8.1}

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friends, my most recent post, As Seen On Instagram {Take Eight}, was really more of a part one in a two part series. After looking through the post I realized I left out so many great memories and experiences from this summer. I didn't even link to my Instagram account!! Clearly I was far too relaxed and zenned out when writing that post! 

Shishito peppers, peaches and tomatoes dominated my summer diet.


Slightly posed, but she was reading cookbooks with me.

Frice is nice!

Olympia Provisions now has a Friday hot dog cart downtown.

Grilled pizza and wine party with the gals!

Portland, you're pretty!



  1. No way that photo of Athena was posed. Of course she loves to read cookbooks!

  2. The mask is just pure awesome Meredith - Love it!

  3. Love the classic "take me out to the ball game" hot dog. Heard a funny story that happened at a local Portland market that I was sure should be a Portlandia skit. Someone mentioned out loud "where are the hot dogs?" and quite a few people in the market turned their noses up about it. I was dying laughing. One may have eve said Ewwwww....out loud. Complete strangers....the food judgement! I can probably assume this is a soy dog or some healthier version of a hot dog. But I just love this story and had to share it......Hahaha.....

  4. I don't even need to know what's in that jar from Frice. I'm on board.