What's In My Bag {Feast PDX}

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hello and happy Feast Week!! Pretty much New York Fashion Week for Foodies! I am busy preparing for a hectic five days of parties and festivities with some of my favorite people. Knowing it will be a wild week, with long days away from the house, and realllllly late nights followed by early mornings, I want to make sure I am prepared and ready. That means a well packed bag with all of the necessities.

iPhone 6  So I can post on Instagram, Snapchat (merecdavison) and order an Uber!
Jackery  Absolutely necessary to keep my phone charged!
Tums  It is called Feast for a reason; #allthefood
Listerine Personally I find Listerine to be far superior to gum or breath mints when keeping things fresh!
Maybeline Age Rewind Eraser Hands down the best concealor I have ever used. This will certainly counter all of the late nights!
BandAids  Two words: heel blisters
Pro-Nu Anti-Aging Collagen Masks I've been using these on a weekly basis and they are the best defense to long days, sleepless nights and puffy, dehydrated face. I love to keep these in my fridge and wear them overnight.
Urban Decay RevolutionLipstick in Catfight  If you ever want to feel and look pulled together and only have 30-seconds, look no further than this perfect plum-red lipstick.
Kiehl's Hand Salve You'd better believe that if I meet Andrew Knowlton or Ruth Riechel my hands will be supple. Supple, I tell you!
Hand Sanitizer  Again, I will be shaking a lot of hands.
Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray  This is the best setting spray I have ever used. This holds up against rain, 100 degree temps, and very long days.
Ibuprofen  Open bar.
Urban Decay Naked Basics  My favorite eye shadow palette of all-time.
Urban Decay Flushed Being photo ready is a must for such a festive event with so many friends.

Not Pictured
Tide To-Go Pen  I have a strong feeling this will come in handy at Sandwich Invitational. PS- there are still a handful of tickets available!!
Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea  A great way to debloat. I drink a cup of this every morning.
Blog Cards Because Andrew Knowlton will obviously want to email me.
Canon Rebel t5  The DSLR I shoot with!

A special thanks to Jackery and Urban Decay for the products!


  1. "Supple, I tell you!" You crack me up. Can't wait to Feast with you!

  2. Cute post I am counting down to Feast now like a kid counts down to Christmas. If there was a Feast advent calendar I'd be call over that

  3. I need that tea in my life (for other reasons as you know) but seriously. CANT WAIT> Gopro vids coming!

  4. I've never tried a makeup setting spray but I'm pretty sure I NEED that in my life. Love this and looking forward to FEASTing with you later this week!

  5. "Ibuprofen Open bar." Hahahaha. So true.

  6. I love your explanation for Ibuprofen - it makes sense to me! :)

  7. We have a lot of similar items in our bags! Haha I love this

  8. I love Catfight, it's such a great, bold color!

    Molly and Stacie

  9. Uuugh, so jealous! I'm eyeing that Bronzer/blush/highlighter for my own photo needs, though...

  10. I have never heard of that setting spray...and I'm kind of exciting to try it....thanks for the find

  11. Haha, the Tums! Yes!

  12. Ha ha I love this post! That make up setting spray looks like it needs to take up residence in my bag as well..thanks for sharing ..super fun! You are not too far from me, I live in the SEattle area...LOVE to go to Portland to shop....fashionista;s paradise!