Best Dressed #FeastPDX {Night Market, Smoked, Brunch Village and Team Feast}

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello again!! Were you able to catch yesterday's 'best dressed' list from Feast's Sandwich Invitational, OGBT and the amazing volunteers?? I was lucky enough to experience even more events and try some truly memorable bites at Night Market, Smoked and Brunch Village. The best part?? I got to spend some quality time with Team Feast - a group of kind, funny, generous and inspiring folks.

Best Dressed: Night Market
A favorite Feast event, Night Market is all about casual street food, beautiful views and brilliant takes on simple bites.

Kachka's Lamb Pelmeni with Adjeki Butter and Pickled Pears

Better known as the dish that Michelle and I instantly scooped up three servings of. These pillows of ground meat were perfectly seasoned in a creamy sauce topped with a dollop of fancy sour cream. Pretty much my dreams come true. 

Nogoduro's Tomato Su

While a simple dish this complex vinegar-tomato broth bathing a creamy piece of mozzarella has truly stuck with me. I loved the simplicity of the dish and comforting flavors. It doesn't hurt that Chef Roadhouse was such a sweetheart! I really enjoyed chatting with him and learning about the dish!


Portland's brand new Tilikum Crossing was in all her glory, with a stunning cotton-candy sunset and the city lights reflecting off the Willamette, making Zidell Yards the perfect setting for Night Market!

Best Dressed: Smoked
Feast's newest event is an absolute A+++ I was absolutely blown away by this upscale BBQ in the Pearl. I really loved the layout of Field's Park and the smart pairing of food with wineries and breweries. I absolutely plan on attending this event in 2016.

Paul Kahan's Beef Tongue Fettunta 
Smoked salmon roe, calabrian chili aoili, scallion, sesame seed, pickled mushroom & rye berry bread. This dish actually had me asking Chef Kahan to move to Portland. I even offered to get pedicures and invite his wife to lady's night. THAT is how much I loved this dish. 

Jose Chesa's Smoked Moruno-spiced pork belly, green lentil puree, escalivada, black olives and pork crackling

This dish was rich, fatty and extremely flavorful - everything I would expect from Ataula's leading man. It was certainly my favorite pork belly dish of the entire night. 

Castagna's Corn, Clam, Pork

I thought this was by far the most crave-worthy and attainable dish of the night! Something I really love about Feast is the inspiration it brings into my own kitchen. This paired three simple, yet powerful, ingredients together into a perfect triad of flavor!

Best Dressed: Brunch Village
Any foodie event MUST have brunch offerings. Brunch Village is the perfect way to end a truly spectacular weekend! If you can only attend one Feast event, attend Brunch Village!

Brad Farmerie's Turkish Eggs
A perfectly coddled egg in a buttery-chili bath over greek yogurt with french bread. Yes, we can take a moment for you to go to the grocery store to make this at home. This was the clear star of Brunch Village, and for good reason! I absolutely loved how the yolk mixed together with yogurt to create a creamy sauce that was perfect for dipping. 

Frice's Biscuits + Gravy Madeleines

I am a HUGE fan of Frice Pastry and was so excited to see her at Feast. This savory twist on a classic french dessert truly honored what she is about as a pastry chef. I loved the creamy sauce with freckles of flavorful sausage over a buttery, herb-infused bite.

Best Dressed: Team Feast + LGP
Without Carrie, Mike, Emily and their amazing teams at Feast and Little Green Pickle there wouldn't be this amazing event! They spend the entire year working towards such a fantastic event. And even under pressure they are kind, gracious and so excited to be there!


  1. that pelmeni! that beef tongue!!! ugh now i'm hungry.

  2. Wow, all that food looks incredible! One of these years I must attend Feast! (Also thanks for the reminder I'm way overdue to visit the Tilikum Crossing!)

  3. So great! And agreed Portland totally got a Best Dressed nod at Night Market. What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be!

  4. I need to go home and make some turkish eggs stat. Great Best Dressed list, just like yesterday!

  5. I loved Ataula's dish for Smoked. And it was fun hanging out with you at Brunch Village.

  6. Wow! This all looks so delicious! Looks like a fantastic event!

  7. omg OMG! That lamb pelmeni is my everything!! Adorable group shots too.

  8. Yes please, I would really like one of everything. I love your categories too.

  9. Looks like you had a great time at Feast! Also what a beautiful shot of the bridge!