Best Dressed #FeastPDX {Sandwich Invitational, OGBT and Teams}

Monday, September 28, 2015

If you have been reading Martha Chartreuse for awhile, or have been following me on social media, you know that I just attended Feast located in downtown Portland. A true celebration of food, the festival brings in some of the best chefs in the country, highlights the region's bountiful produce, and collaborates with some of the most innovative makers in all the land.

Over four days I attended Sandwich Invitational, Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting, Night Market, Smoked and Brunch Village!! Not to mention all of the amazing after parties and special events. I left with a full tummy, amazing memories and a really mushy heart. I really did have such an amazing time and am already looking forward to the 2016 festivities! September 15th through the 18th, in case you are marking the calendar!

Now let the reviews commence, Fashion Police Style!

Best Dressed: Sandwich Invitational
The first official event for Feast, Sandwich Invitational is a casual sandwich competition at Director's Park in the heart of downtown. With 15 options you can easily eat almost 6 full sandwiches. I teamed up with Erin, Mary and Michelle to share bites.

Ice Cream Sandwich from Departure
I absolutely lost my mind over this ice cream sandwich. I compared it to artisan love child of snickers and butterfingers.

I was most excited to try Alvin Cailan's creation! Egg Slut's mastermind did not disappoint with this "Egg Dip" sandwich - slow roasted pork shoulder, whites and herbs in a warm baguette with an egg yolk dipping sauce. This was the most comforting dish served on the best bread. I keep researching how I can make this at home.

Best Dressed: Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting
Held on both Friday and Saturday, Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting highlights some of the best makers and artisans in the Northwest! Wineries, beers, cheeses, spreads, produce. Name it, you'll find it!

Fabulous wine from Evolution - one of my favorites!

If Instagram (#feastpdx) is any indication, these s'mores pies from Annie Pies were a crowd favorite. The salty, crunch crust was perfect with the smoky topping and rich, dark chocolate filling. 

Not pictured, Allium's Octopus Farro Risotto was amazing!! The flavors were fresh with a creamy sauce and perfectly cooked octopus.

Best Dressed: Sentinel Hospitality Lounge + Volunteers
What really makes Feast so amazing is all of the people! Every event is staffed and support by so many wonderful, cheery and outgoing volunteers. They keep things running smoothly and provide guests with an outstanding experience!

{Photo courtesy of Feast}

Bloggers, press, media and chefs had access to a really amazing hospitality lounge at the Sentinel Hotel. Orchestrated by Lindsay, the space was relaxing, refreshing and the perfect space to chat with other bloggers. It truly embodied what hospitality is!


  1. Ahh Feast was the best. And seriously that Depature snickers thing?! I want more!! (Though I think I had my annual allotment in 4 days...)

  2. Yaaaay! So glad to have been part of it this year — thanks for teaching me the ropes! xo

  3. Those Departure ice cream sandwiches tho. SO. GOOD.

  4. Even though I just ate, my mouth is watering from all these pictures!

  5. I have read a lot of posts on Feast in the last week or so and I really appreciate the fact that you called out the volunteers that make such a pinnacle event in Portland work so well. I know the often get lost in a haze of delicious food and beverage. Very classy of you.

  6. Annie's Pies were a huge hit, weren't they? Yum.