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Thursday, September 17, 2015

As you probably know #FeastPDX is finally here!! Erin and I will both be attending the amazing food festival taking place in Downtown Portland! While we plan on spending plenty of time at all of the events, we will certainly be hanging out around town. This will include refreshments, healthy snacks and even some excercise. 

Today, Erin is sharing her Portland musts to survive the weekend. Be sure to head over to Bakery Bingo for my #FeastPDX Portland recommendations!

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Feast! Feast! Feast! It’s here!
If you are going to all the events or just one or two, it is a lot of food. So prepping yourself is a must. Here are my tips for a successful Feast week!
Healthy Eats: When you just really need some non-fried vegetables
  • Garden Bar: I am not even lying when I say I love salads. I just like the crunch and eating a big bowl of greens. I’d say I’m weird but Garden Bar is a huge success, so I guess I’m not alone. Make your own or pick from one of their recommended choices, like my favorite the Bliss Detox with kale, apples, avocado and more. With a name like that it’s perfect for Feast week. Located at NW 11th and Couch, and NW Broadway and Davis.
  • Greenleaf: Juice, acai bowls, smoothies. It’s all good here. Two convenient-to-Feast locations at NW 12th and Johnson and Broadway and SW Morrison. I’m a big fan of the Almond Berry smoothie with berries almond butter and 15g of hemp protein to keep you going through the day.

Sweat It Out: Because, obviously you’re gonna be eating a lot
  • BurnCycle: This intense 45-minute spin class will get you sweating for sure. It will boost your appetite for the next Feast event. And hopefully kick your hangover as well. It’s right on NW 10th and Lovejoy so easy to get to.
  • Crossfit Pearl District: I know Crossfit isn’t for everyone, but I’m pretty close to obsessed. Yup, I’ve drank the Kool-aid and haven’t stopped for 3+ years. If heavy weight lifting and ass-kicking workouts are your jam, come check out CFPD.

Cool Down Drinks: When you need a caffeine boost or break from all the people

  • Ovation: This is one of my favorite coffee shops ever. Located at NW 10th and Overton in the Pearl District, it is a little ways from the Feast events but a nice stroll might be needed. Their Moroccan inspired coffees are delicious but my personal go-to is the Moroccan Mint Iced Tea. Flavorful, just a hint sweet, and completely refreshing. Plus the people are the nicest.
  • Shift Drinks: If you’re looking for a casual place to mellow out for a bit, check out the bright, open space at Shift Drinks on SW Morrison and 12th. With their great cocktail and wine selection, it is close to the action, but calm enough for a nice break.

Bonus Tips:
  • Comfy shoes are a must. There is a lot of walking and standing up at these events.
  • Treat yourself to a manicure beforehand. Make sure those nails are ready for the hand modeling in Instagram photos.
  • Hydrate! Between all the booze and the sunshine beating down at the outdoor events, water is more important than ever. Load up, carry a water bottle with you, whatever you’ve gotta do.

Photos courtesy of Erin McKalip

#ThursdayToursPDX is a collaborative series between Portland, OR bloggers {Erin} Bakery Bingo + {Meredith} Martha Chartreuse. In a city filled with amazing restaurants, artisan experiences, and fantastic tastemakers the inside scoop is a must. We will be asking our friends and fellow bloggers for their recommendations and tips for all the City of Roses has to offer.

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