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Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello and happy Monday!! Remember when I went wine tasting in Dundee last weekend at Hyland, Dobbes and Argyle? With that many people, and that much wine, we decided the safest and most fun option would be to get a limo. After a lot of research, we decided to use Bridge City Limos! Why? Because they had the largest selection of vehicles, reasonable rates, and a beautiful website! Yes, website design and functionality really does factor into my decision making process.

Coordinating and planning the trip was easy and very quick. They offered plenty of insight and provide guides if needed. We all know the initial planning of any activity can make or break it. I felt confident and knew they would arrive on time and everything would go smoothly.

Our driver, Nick, arrived right on time. I must add that he looked quite dapper! A visual indicator of his attention to detail. He helped us load all of our bags, coolers and purses into the vehicle while we got situated. As an enthusiastic group of seven chatty ladies we can be a bit overwhelming - the combination of personalities can be quite electrifying - but he didn't seem to be phased by any of it.

Throughout the day he kept us on schedule and gave us friendly notice when it was time to wrap up our tasting and head to the next winery. On the way home we decided to have a show tunes and 90s pop sing-a-long. Les Mis. Britney. BSB. Mostly I just hum until the lyrics I know come on. Not once did he roll up his partition to save his eardrums or sanity.

I would highly recommend using Bridge City Limos for your next wine tasting, special event, bachelorette party or wedding festivities. The vehicles are beautiful, the service is exceptional and the process is seamless.

Bridge City Limos did provide this complimentary ride but all opinions are my own. 
All photos were provided by Bridge City Limo.

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