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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

If you follow me on Snapchat you know that last week I had the chance to visit Blush Beauty Bar on NW 23rd and try out several of their beauty services. Blush is a locally owned beauty boutique, carrying top beauty lines and products. From Lorac to Clarisonics they have an excellent selection of beauty products. From well-known companies like Essie, Bare Minerals and Stila, they also carry brands such as RMS and Ilia, their inventory is diverse.

Eyebrow before and after

In addition to high-end makeup, top skincare systems, and favorite hair care lines, they also provide beauty services. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Olivia and having her shape and thread my brows, then provide me with a Beauty Boost facial.  A lovely Friday treat if I do say so myself!

The process of threading.

Since 90% of our time was spent with my eyes closed and her touching my face it was key that our communication was clear and I was put at ease. Olivia did just that, by quickly pacing with my fast-paced chatter and barage of questions - answer, Gwen Stefani has the best celebrity eyebrows! - I immediately felt comfortable and trusted her. A real necessity when someone is ripping your hair out and steaming your face. She talked me through what she was doing and the reasoning behind her decisions. We talked about my brow shape, products and my personal style. And it resulted in a complete eyebrow transformation!

The products used during my beauty boost

When it came to the facial I never, ever felt like she was pushing product on me. It was an honest conversation about my skincare needs, concerns and my budget. You see, skincare can be really expensive and I have zero interest in dropping Benjamins on creams or oils. She advised me which products would have the highest ROI for me now, and where I can cut costs. Again, building the trust!

Eyebrow Threading

What exactly is threading? Well, it is the original method for removing hair. Before hot wax, lasers or stinky creams. Yes, brows were on fleek long before J.C. was bee-boppin' around the world. And not the N'Sync member.

What were my impressions? Olivia did such a nice job and really transformed my brow shape. As my first first appointment she focused on our goals and getting the right shape for my bone structure and personal style. Threading is not painless - I would compare it to quick razor blade pricks - but no more than any other hair removal experience I have had.
Is this right for you? Do you have sensitive skin, sloppy brows or a special occasion coming up? If you said yes to any of these filters then threading is right for you! For me, wax on my face usually results in a rash and weird bumps for a few days after. With threading all of that is avoided. Olivia is such a talent and will quickly coach your brows into excellence! If you are getting married or want to look great for the holidays start booking your appointments. Please note that it can take 3-6 months to grow brows out, so get in there now if you are a 2016 bride!
Cost: $22

Beauty Boost

Think of this as a mini-facial that is the perfect test-drive for products and a skincare routine! While everyone's experience will be different based on their skin type and needs. Olivia did a great job of explaining each product, it is purpose, pros and cons for me personally, and specific instructions. Morning vs. Night. In the shower or with my Clarisonic. The best part is that right after your facial you can apply the $50 to any in-store purchase!! It is pretty much a super high-end test drive for skin care products.
What were my impressions? I felt like this was the perfect way to check out a lot of products how they are meant to be used. As much as I love a soft hand, it really isn't the best way to try out an eye cream or exfoliator. My thumb does not have blackheads, my nose does. Not to mention the steaming and hand massage. That was a very welcome bonus at the end of a busy week!
Is this right for you? If you are looking to adjust or elevate your skincare routine I would highly recommend booking the Beauty Boost. It is great for beauty-addicts and for those who are complete clueless when it comes to creams, serums and peels!
Cost: $50

While these services were provided at no-charge all opinions and impressions are my own. I am committed to recommending experiences and businesses that I personally enjoy and frequent.

And a big thank you to Desiree for taking these photos!!

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