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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Remember a few weeks ago when I was raving about Portland Center Stage's production of Sex with Strangers? Well I had the opportunity to sit down with the play's stars and discuss the production, Portland and their undeniable chemistry. Both Danielle Slavik (Olivia) and Christopher M. Smith (Ethan) were incredibly gracious, hilarious and so kind. Our pastry date immediately turned into a well-paced conversation - them, just as curious and inquisitive about me. 

Danielle is originally from Ohio but has been living and acting in New York since the early 2000s. She has the self-deprecating sense of humor of a true Brooklyn-ite, but with small town sweetness. Fun fact, she had never been to a Target until coming to Portland!

Chris grew up in Southern California is one of six - we immediately engaged in some Catholic banter - but now resides in New York. His resting face is in no way bitchy, but more, well, "good looking man who thinks."

For more insight into my questions go over and read my review, or even better, go see the play!! It is running through November 22nd at the Ellen Bye Studio.

What blogs do you read?
Danielle: While she doesn't read any blogs, she DID read Martha Chartreuse in preparation for our meeting.
Chris: He doesn't read blogs, but he did read The Average American Male by Chad Kultgen in preparation.

If you were to write a memoir, what would it be called?
D: Smile, you're gonna die soon.
C: I guess, if you wanna read it?!

Weirdest PDX Experience
They both agreed that Portland's weirdness doesn't hold a candle to NYC.

Social media of choice.
D: Hotmail. 
C: Facebook and Twitter

They were both curious (and kind) as I took photos of our treats at Maurice. I'm almost confident it was their first interaction with Instagram.

Have your parents seen the play?
D: Next week! Which is really this week. Welcome to Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Slavick!
C: His father came up from California. When I followed up how his father felt about the promiscuous play, he let me know that his father is always proud when he is the center of attention - pants or not.

Do you watch House of Cards?
They had both only seen a few episodes.

Where does on-stage chemistry come from?
D: She credited good looks and Chris' ability to handle her mockery.
C: Insert charming facial expressions, sex jokes and a boyish shrug.

For me, this was the most intriguing question. From the moment they sat down, their connection and friendship was undeniable. In their body language and conversation it was very clear how close they are. They had no answer or formula, which is really telling of real-life chemistry. There isn't a guide or formula for the sparks. We have no metaphorical kindling, newspaper or logs. It just is what it is. 

During the play, what is in all of those wine glasses?
Tremendously sweet cranberry and white grape juice.

Go-to Drink
D: Coffee milkshakes and flaming Spanish coffee. She is a big fan of Clyde's Common.
C: Bourbon

Yes or no; google your date?
D: She shared that her dating history has been unique and online dating has not been part of her life. She seemly genuinely perplexed by the concept.
C: Never!

Best PDX Meal
D: Mother's for brunch.
C: Tasty & Alder, Stella Taco

PDX To-Do List
D: Pips, Forest Park, Kennedy School
C: Pok Pok

All photos courtesy of Portland Center Stage

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  1. How cool to interview the two of them to get some more insider details and insights on them! IdIf I was dating though I would totally Google the person, but not try too much harder from the first page of results. But I'd pretend I didn't do that when I met them.