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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Oh hey, mid-November, how you doin'?? As we keep mentioning, the holidays have arrived. That means plenty of entertaining, pot lucks, and festive meals. Which clearly calls for a lot of grocery shopping. Knowing all of this, we decided to ask two of Portland's most stylish and classy taste makers where they purchase their ingredients!

Brooke Adams is a director at Little Green Pickle and one of the sweetest people I have met in Portland. She has a tasty background - having worked with Le Cirque's Sirio Maccioni and running Eately's communication - and is married to an incredibly talented pastry chef. A BA recommendation is a shiny, golden seal on anything, and everything!

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Image via Laurelhurst Market
Laurelhurst Market

Laurelhurst is my go-to butcher shop. I used to live a few blocks away from them and would swing by several times a week to pick up meats for grilling. I often hit two birds with one stone and order a sandwich for lunch as well as pick up some pate for entertaining (country, beef heart or venison with cherries are my favorites there) and then Denver steaks or parsley cheese pinwheels (usually available only in summer) for dinner.

Image via Sauvie Island Organics

Sauvie Island Organics

My husband and I signed up for a half share CSA three years ago when we first moved here, and we quickly understood why everyone in Portland pickles things. We love their produce but since we couldn't keep up with the abundance of veggies and didn't want to start juicing, we opted for their salad share CSA. We get a bag of organic mixed greens each week and often have salad alongside our meats from Laurelhurst. Sometimes we can hardly keep up with the salad, that we bring that to friends' houses for dinner along with wine. Everyone likes salad, right?

Image: Brooke Adams
Flying Fish

I love seafood and one of my only "culinary skills" is being able to shuck oysters, so when we have guests, I love to serve oysters and pretend that I did something helpful in the kitchen. My favorite varieties are Torkes from Netarts and Kumamotos and Shigokus. Sometimes Flying Fish has a cooler of whole fish stocked with all different kinds of Pacific rockfish and cod. When we buy a whole fish, we usually stuff it with herbs and lemons, put it in the oven and invite our pescatarian friends for dinner.

Image via Hong Phat

Hong Phat

 I used to be a Fubonn person and while nothing can beat their soy sauce aisle, I prefer the Vietnamese market Hong Phat. It's a little less crowded and is great for buying Asian vegetables and fresh herbs in large quantities. We usually buy whole duck there, and Vincent either smokes some of the breast or in last year's case, we skipped serving turkey on Thanksgiving and had Peking Duck and buns instead! 

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  1. Um, peking duck and buns sounds incredibly fantastic for a holiday meal. I've never been a huge fan of Turkey but always love duck!!