Hello 2016!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Well hello there! It is so nice to see you in 2016. I must admit that I was happy to see 2015 go. While it was a great year, with so many wonderful experiences, it was also a draining and challenging spin around the sun. I had my fair share of heartbreak, trying work experiences, and stepped away from several friendships. (Don't let the last sentence fool you, I am still all kinds of hash brown blessed!)

For 2015 I had set out to try or experience one new thing every month. Over the first 7 months of the year, I did a great job with it. Then my emotions and calendar became completely overloaded, and I dropped the ball on the resolution of pushing myself in new directions. I was pushed, just not in the way I had hoped. Honestly, I felt as though my sparkle and energy were being sucked up on the daily by a freshly charged Roomba. I do believe it was a year for tremendous growth (and toughening up) as a person.

Which brings us to my 2016 'theme' - to be more mindful of my time. It is my goal to commit my time and heart to events, projects and people that just put a giant smile on my face. Instead of feeling like I am giving 30% to everything, I would much rather give 80% (because you know I like to keep it real, and 100% feels pretty lofty) to the people and projects in my life. And I really think that will mean even better content for the blog. 

And what are some of the mindful things I hope to do?

Go to Coquine - I've been trying to schedule a time since late-October, but haven't been able to get it on the calendar. 

Visit my sister in D.C.!

Go to Crater Lake! 

Take my parents to Ava Gene's in March!

Launch my new blog series Restaurant to Real Life!

What are your resolutions? Are you really successful at them? Or do you pick up the crisps come the 8th?

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