Recipes {Citrus-Avocado Salad with Whole Foods Market}

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Remember on Monday when I said I was going share the citrus-avocado salad to go along with the honey-pecan salmon?

Well I got the flu, and this blog post was in Canva-limbo.

I felt extra-bad when I saw Christopher made the salmon, and I hadn't shared this side.

Especially because I love this salad SOOOO much. 

Why do I love this salad? Well it isn't really a salad. It is filling, bright, and doesn't seem like a salad. It is more like a culinary illusion. 

This hearty combination of crisp citrus and buttery magic holds up for days. The acids from the fruit prevents the avocado from turning brown and it softens up the red onion. Besides being a salad I love to smash this into a nutty bread for quick avocado toast. Quick, because of how quickly I make it, and because of how fast I eat it.

For this kind of success you really need to get the best ingredients. That is why I head to Whole Foods (who kindly provided the ingredients for this post, but where I go for many of my grocery needs) when I need the ripest avocados and juicy citrus. If you haven't had a great grapefruit your life is filled with misconceptions. Head to Whole Foods and you will know it is the fruit of a 20-something, not the boring breakfast of your great aunt.

While Whole Foods did provide the groceries for this post, all thoughts and ideas are my own. I frequently shop atWhole Foods in the Pearl and rely on them for a majority of my seafood needs. I trust their sourcing, quality and customer service.

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