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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Have things seemed a bit slower around here? That is probably because they have been. Erin and I have both been working (truth time: we do more than just eat!) a lot lately. Erin is a super smart, fierce person and got an awesome promotion! I am pushing through a few client launches.

Hopefully things will pick up real soon!

But until then we will be relying on a few of our favorite restaurants for weeknight dinners. And make sure you head over to Bakery Bingo to find out where I've been eating.

Hello Martha Chartreuse fans! Erin of Bakery Bingo here. Eesh, these last few weeks have been crazy busy. I generally love cooking and making myself dinner. But with long work days and sitting in traffic, lately that hasn’t been happening so much. Luckily for me, there are some great take-out and delivery options in this city. Here are a few of my faves:

Devil’s Dill Sandwiches: My friend Mary had told us about this place recently so Brice and I decided to try it out one night when we were having a sandwich craving. Served on fluffy and chewy Fleur de Lis ciabatta bread, they’ve got everything from house smoked or braised meats to charred broccolini and tomato jam for toppings. While located in SE Hawthorne, they deliver to most parts of town – or just get Caviar to order and deliver for you! They also are open until 3am with delivery until 2:30am. I have no idea why you’d need to be up that late, but just in case, you’ve now got it as an option ;)

Stella’s Kitchen: When I know that I’ve got a really crazy week ahead, having some premade meals is really helpful. I know there are some folks out there who can spend all Sunday, “meal prepping.” That always impresses and inspires me but even with how much I love cooking, that is just not my jam. Stella’s makes life that much easier. The meals are extremely healthy – mostly in the “paleo” variety but she’s got some great options for vegetarians like me – and all you have to do is reheat. Weeknight perfection. (Read more and get a discount code for your first order on my previous blog post about Stella’s Kitchen!)

Whole Foods Market: When I really can’t come up with any other ideas, Whole Foods it is for me. Sometimes I just browse around the salad bar, but if it is nice out, I love heading to their fish counter. Their fish is definitely some of the best I’ve found, both from a sustainability standpoint and taste. Throwing something on the grill and dining al fresco can make even the busiest of days seem peaceful. Plus, WFM will even season the fish for you so it makes weeknight meals even easier.

The Cookie Couple: For those cookie cravings (c’mon, we all have ‘em from time to time!), there is a new cookie delivery service. Woah. The Cookie Couple delivers fresh-baked cookies straight to your door (assuming you live in Portland), from Thursdays through Saturdays (they will soon be opening a food cart as well). They bring you huge 4-ounce cookies, somewhat reminiscent of the ones from New York’s Levain Bakery. My recommendation is to go for their rich, creamy Peanut Butter cookies or the ultra-chocolately Chocolate Chip version. Some of our difficult-to-please friend group who tested these out with me thought perhaps they needed some actual peanuts or added sea salt, but to me, these were great. I mean, if someone wants to bake me cookies and bring them to me so I don’t even have to move, particularly after a few weekend drinks, count me in.

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  1. I tend to get delivery more often than picking up something already prepared - I've been comparing Caviar, Postmates and Amazon. So far I've only tested it for dinner though, never even considered late night, so now I'll have that possibility in my mind!