Muselet {Portland's Best New Restaurant}

Monday, April 18, 2016

Portland has a lot of really amazing places: stunning urban hikes, all the photo booths, and a true sea of alcoholic beverages. And the restaurants. My goodness we have so many amazing restaurants. From divey artisan hot dog joints to some seriously crave-worthy pasta. It is quite common for any foodie to have an expansive Google doc with a list of restaurants - favorites or aspirations - that can never be fully vetted. We just don't have enough days in the years, disposable dollars or chambers in the stomach.

So when a new restaurant comes onto the scene and truly blows away all of your favorites, well it is time to shout it from the rooftop. Muselet is the best new restaurant in Portland. The space is dreamy, but attainable and welcoming. Chef Greg is a connector of ingredients - I really think he gives each and every dish a pep talk on being its very best self. The wine list, well you will get a PhD in white burgandy. And the service. MY GOD. Every fine dining, James Beard-nominated and aspiring restaurateur needs to take note. Muselet is the pace car for excellence.

I've been to Muselet a multitude of times. As a guest of Greg and Ron, for friend dinners, impromptu drinks and a few very needed post-work glasses of wine. Every time is a 5 star experience. And every person I've referred to Muselet or chatted to about the restaurant has the same mind blowing experience. In fact, a dear friend (and the harshest critic I know) text me within 10-minutes of setting down expressing how blown-away he was.

The menu is ever changing - I recommend following Chef Greg on Instagram for some serious food porn - but there are a few stars we've got to talk about.

The PORRIDGE!!! We went to dinner there a few weeks ago and before finishing our first two bowls of porridge our group of 8 ordered a second round. The porridge is a congee-style rice dish that is a creamier version of risotto. Topped with crispy chicken skin, a duck fat poached quail egg and roe this will cure anything you have : obnoxious colleagues, heartache, a huge promotion, or just good ole' day seizing.

Hamachi. The sushi grade fish is topped with an avocado mousse and a crispy, fried soy skin that has been coated in pea powder. The table-side finishing touch is a luscious hibiscus sauce. It will be the most satisfying spring and summer dish.

The bubble-up dessert is a true showstopper. With a creamy, goat's milk custard, a salty crumble, and a seasonal berry bubbles on top everyone will be thrilled!

The South Waterfront restaurant is also introducing me to such a fun pocket of Portland. Right off the tram, Muselet is anchoring this up-and-coming neighborhood. I especially love that it is a quick Streetcar or Uber ride from my place. Trust me, you'll be checking out the wine list, leave the car at home. Right off Tilikum crossing there are so many easy and affordable routes there. As the weather continues to warm-up I know there will be plenty of waterfront walks that end with wine in my future. And when you get there, well the space will make just about anyone happy!

If you arrive on a Saturday between 5-6:30 you'll be greeted with a complimentary flight of wine from a local wine maker. The bar area has a projector and the biggest sporting event is often being shown on the main wall. The dining room allows for more intimate and celebratory dinners. In fact, be sure to ask about the 9-course tasting menu that is $110 for 2 people - a SCREAMING deal! While the patio isn't officially open I've had a sneak peak. The Muselet Patio will be the coolest spot this summer. Trust me. You'll see me there!

Now that you are salivating and craving some outdoor drinks, let's talk about the shining star: the team! Every team member at Muselet is kind, gracious and extremely knowledgeable. They proudly share dishes, each glass of wine comes with valuable insight and the hospitality is truly familial. Not only has the bar been set for the service industry, it has changed how I want to host people in my home. I want every person who comes over to feel the way Ron and his team make each guest feel: pure warmth.

Muselet is located at 3730 SW Bond Ave. and open from 5pm to closing Tuesday-Saturday.

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  1. Wow! What a recommendation. I love the south waterfront area. It's so beautiful and has such a fun area. I would have never thought to order porridge anywhere. Looks delish however!