Memorial Day Activities + Title Nine GIVEAWAY

Thursday, May 26, 2016

As we head into the holiday weekend we also head into a season of outdoor activities. Long hikes, bike rides and boating about. For all of the ladies that means we need a supportive and attractive bra for all of the activities. Last year I attended the Bravengelist T9FitFest Event at Title Nine and have LOVED the sports bra I picked up. It is pretty, supportive and slimming. I've picked up more than one in the last year.

Not sure what to do this weekend? 

Go for a hike or run in Mount Tabor, bring a blanket and read along the reservoir, and grab brunch at Coquine!

Lounging on Mount Tabor and overlooking the city.

The best cookies - and the best brunch - at Coquine.

Rent a boat and kayak up and down the Willamette then reward yourself with some wine. They call that hashbrown winning!

Pedal hard, check out some gorgeous historic homes and have the BEST rotisserie chicken in Portland - Arrosto!

2016 Portland #T9FitFest
Wednesday June 1st + Thursday June 2nd

Don't live in Portland? Find out when you can get fit in your city! Or use the BraGenie from the comfort of your couch.

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  1. I appreciate the delicious reward at every one of your activity suggestions!