#SnapStory {Bucatini with Clams + Radishes}

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm really not a recipe person. I much prefer to feel it out, grab the best ingredients and use what I have. Rarely, if ever, will my grocery list be overly committed to one dish. Cross-over is key to avoid waste. Going with the flow is also more fun and relaxing. I love making myself a nice meal, listening to music and enjoying a glass of wine. Especially now that the weather is so nice and I can eat on the deck.

A few weeks ago I made a clam and pasta dish inspired by Curtis Stone. Bucatini is by far my favorite pasta, due in great part because it holds and absorbs almost any sauce so beautifully. The sauce on this is creamy, but light, and the clams really shine. 

Watch the video and get inspired! I've listed the ingredients below but highly encourage you to adapt this recipe based on your fridge and preferences. This could be great with Israeli Cous Cous, shrimp or omitting the cream. You do you, boo!

Olive Oil
White Wine
Heavy Cream
Lemon, zest and juice
Fresh Clams
Salt + Pepper
Red Pepper
Fresh Parsley

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