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Monday, June 13, 2016

Back in February our group of friends headed to Bend for President's Day weekend. Our group of eleven had an epic time exploring the town during the day and channeling our best college-selves at night.

And now it is mid-June and summer travel is in full swing! How did that happen? What do you have planned?? At the end of August Erin and I are heading to Santa Fe! Have you been? We would love your recommendations! 

For the 3+ hour drive to the mountains I teamed up with GMC and drove the Canyon truck. At first I was very intimidated by the concept of driving a truck, but felt really comfortable in the truck. Honestly, it felt more like a SUV, had plenty of cameras to facilitate parking, and Wi-Fi!

While a safe vehicle is a crucial element for a successful road trip there are a few more elements that transform a drive into a movable party.

The People

Photo via Meg

I picked up my friends and neighbors, Meg + Tony, for our mid-day drive. They are both fun-loving, interesting and curious people. All necessary traits for good conversation, unexpected pit-stops, and transitioning into weekend mode. The conversation flowed from social media platforms, great relationship advice, 

It especially helped that Meg+Tony were such great Car-tenders (A Tony TM phrase) while I drove. They ran the navigation system, adjusted temperatures, charged phones and provided me with all the mints.  


Hangry is a real thing, and having snacks is necessary to keep things positive and fun. My formula is to have two savory options and one sweet treat. I also like to have one water per person, plus their beverage of choice. Juice, coffee, or tea are all idea primary road trip beverages.

My favorite snacks all come from Trader Joe's: Peanut butter filled pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, and parsnip chips. 

Your playlist will unite the troops, or delay the good times. Build the list accordingly.

Our favorite songs:

The Wi-Fi in the vehicle made it extra easy to access my Apple Music, stream songs, and sync or various devices to the sound system. It was also really nice on the ride home, and the backseat person was able to recover and stream video and podcasts.

A spacious back seat that allowed for introverting!

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