New+Noteworthy {Nel Centro, TD Tacos+Tequilas, and The Feisty Lamb}

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In Portland the East-side gets a lot of hype and praise for the quirky neighborhoods, amazing restaurants and overall charm. It is the happenin' side. That's not to say the west side doesn't have a pretty cool story. See what I did there?? Okay, Natalie Wood, tell us about the food!

Nel Centro
1408 SW 6th Avenue

When I first moved to Portland Nel Centro was my spot. It has an excellent outdoor space, a tasty menu and some excellent people watching. While not new, the Downtown staple in 7 years old! In a city where restaurants shutter daily, it is a reliable staple.

Must try: Meatballs in marinara, Roasted beet salad, the game room!
Things to know: Based in Hotel Modera, many of the dapper men are travelers and guests of the hotel. Be an informed flirter.

TD Tacos+Tequilas
Three Degrees Restaurant
1510 SW Harbor Way
Waterfront Walkway
Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-Close

Sunshine, Check. Chips and guac. Check, check. Watching boat reaches. Indeed! TD + Tequilas has what no other taco joint has. Location!! The unassuming pop-up is bringing a selection of grilled tacos and delicious cocktails to the Portland Waterfront. The location is right on the walkway and would be perfect after crossing Tilikum Bridge or boating on the river.

Must try: Chips and Guac, Mezcal Cocktail
Things to know: The seating is limited.

The Feisty Lamb
2174 W Burnside
Wednesday-Saturday 5-9pm
Friday-Sunday 9am-2pm

I checked out Feisty Lamb a few weeks ago for brunch and was blown away by the unique menu. With a South African base, there seems to be a strong influence from SE Asia. Think hearty British food with Indian and Thai pops. It is good. Really good. The space, right by Zupan's and World Market, has a quirky decor and lends itself to leisurely meals. The table next to us brought cards to play throughout the meal.

Must try: Crispy Jasmine Rice Skillet Fry with Pork Belly, Creamy espresso drink
Things to know: The service is SLOW!! We weren't hungover, hangry or in a rush. If you do have any of those symptoms, this is not the spot for you.

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