FEAST Portland 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

FEAST is the party for the super cool party people (Can you tell I'm excited for the Gilmore Girls revival?) and the fifth year of FEAST did not disappoint.

Let's run through it, shall we?

People + Parties

I've said it before, but the people really are the special seasoning that makes FEAST so delicious. From after parties to flip cup tournies (Yes, we're all wearing wigs) 

Grand Bounty
Grand Bounty is an awesome way to experience FEAST if you have a big weekend, can't get a sitter, or want to try all of the wines and discover amazing products for every day life. 

I don't like kombucha, but Health-Ade Kombucha is amazing.

No Kid Hungry is the non-profit partner for FEAST and one of my favorite organizations. 
Photo Credit: Jannie Haung

Night Market
This year Night Market took on a Latin theme and I LOVED the change up. The reinvention of Night Market was a huge hit and I loved the refresh.
 Taylor Railworks made the most delicious arancini. My roommate and I kept going back for this dish.

Meat cones from Jose Chesa -- YES YES YES. 

Brunch Village

The best hangover brunch you'll ever have. EVER.
Smallwares came in HOT with a congee dish. Nuts, oats, spicy sausage -- best dish of FEAST 2016? Possible.

John Gorham made fried chicken sandwiches and Stumptown has made a cold brew soda. Such a great combination -- the bubbly cold brew was refreshing and balanced out the decadent fried food.

Olympia Provisions' Monte Cristo on a stick had me texting my sister in real time telling her about this magical meal on a stick.

Cheers!! See you in 2017!

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