Monday, September 26, 2016

How is OCTOBER just days away??? I'm utterly baffled that the month of pumpkins, leaves, and good ole' ghoulin' is upon us. While I'm sad to see life slipping by faster and faster, I'm also really excited to be living it.

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Housewarming Party
Back in August I welcomed a new roommate and we are properly warming the casa. It will be fun to introduce our friends, show off the new decor, and have a few glasses of wine.

They will be opening a new location on NW 23rd and I'm excited to check out their specs. I will be trying on this pair, this pair, and these beauties. 

SEE Eyewear Glasses

I'll be hosting my 3rd soup swap and know the ladies will be bringing top notch soups. I'm thinking of making french onion soup. Will be cutting the onions with my Spiralizer and contemplating making the beef broth.

The Armory always has my favorite productions, and this one includes The Constitution. You know I'm jazzed! The production runs October 1 - November 13.

I've finally found a workout class that's fun and gets me sweating! Cate Wade is a phenomenal teacher, shares the fundamentals, and is super motivating. I'll also saw that your classmates are teammates. I've been going through Classpass - in case you're interested.

MAE! MAE! MAE! As a member said, "You had me at 'fried in three fats'" and I can't wait to devour this. Stretchy pants for life.

I'm heading back to my favorite, Luminary, and am debating cutting off a few inches. Or should I keep growing it out? shall we Doodle poll this??

My Parenthood-loving heart is so happy!

This is a Fall MUST! And it is only $19.99. Do yourself a favor and order it now.

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