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Thursday, November 10, 2016

If you read my last post, then you know how I feel right now. I'm pretty gutted and the sobs come in waves.

A few friends recommended I publish an email that I wrote to family and friends. It is my plan to move forward. I have faith in the heart of life.

As always, thank you for tuning in. I'll be back next week with some pretty great content. All my love.


First off, I want to say how wonderful I think you are. Each and every one of you can put a huge smile on my face, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Some of us (Meredith. Meredith Davison.) are more political than others. Let's be kind to those who are easing into this arena, because "I don't like to  discuss politics" isn't really an option anymore. And we want to welcome and engage those friends. We all have a lot to fight for. We will also find ourselves fighting alongside people with very different political beliefs, but a common belief in good and America. We can, and MUST, work together.

The Trump Presidency could be truly consequential - causing economic collapse, starting wars, a Russian influence, dismantling government programs, and causing our children to live in fear. 

Instead of spiraling into a doomsday well of depression I've made a plan and blueprint.  And have I ever NOT shared a bulleted list?

 (Yes, Trump has me down, but he will never take away my lists.)

  • Healthcare: It is highly recommended you have a birth control plan in place, as it is expected in January  Trump will disolve the portion of ACA which covers birth control options. While getting an IUD wasn't fun, it is an option I would recommend if you aren't looking to have a baby anytime soon. Being a woman is now considered a pre-existing condition, and it is going to be expensive. If you have questions about the IUD process let me know.
Get a checkup and take care of any health issues you've been putting off. Get prescritions filled and make a therapists appointment if needed. Really, if you need to talk with a professional, do it. And make sure you're sleeping. Last night I had a big cup of sleepy tea and got some rest. 
  • Passport: Make sure your passport is updated and ready to go. I'm doing this not only for travel reasons, but because I question the efficiency and organization of government agencies come January.
  • IT Security: It is recommended to double-password protect all accounts and have a VPN on any devices you may be using on unsecured networks. Do you log onto the internet at coffee shops?? Then your phones, computers and tablets need a VPN. LastPass is a free password manager and VPN services are pretty affordable.
  • Financial Plan: I think we should brace ourselves for some hard times. Make a 2016 budget that amps up savings while still supporting small businesses. 

  • Speak up: This means calling and writing your House and Senate Representatives. Let them know what you want and they have your support. Oregon's elected officials will be fighting, but I also plan on contacting Montana's representatives. Not to mention Republicans.It may feel like an Junior High social study lesson, but Citizen is the most important job we have right now. 

  • Supporting non-profits: Through donations, volunteering and social media we MUST support non-profits that will be devastated by this, but will also be at the frontlines. Like free speech? Call the ACLU or donate. Think breast cancer screening should be easily accesible? Volunteer and/or donate to Planned Parenthood. Human Rights Council also needs our support.

  • Support others: If you see a stranger struggling, support them. Ask your friends how they are doing. Follow up and be encouraging. If you're speaking to a little girl, don't compliment her outfit - ASK HER WHAT SHE THINKS! Be an example of kindness. Be an example of how men should treat women. Speak up for the marginalized.  Imigrants, Muslims, Hispanics, POC, the LGBTQ, disabled and poor will be devastated by this. Voice your support and be kind. They/you need to know we are fighting for them/you. That we have their/your back. That we see their/your value.

  • Thoughtful conversation: This isn't just about Trump. 56 million people voted for him. We must be prepared to have thoughtful conversations with his supporters in hopes of finding common ground. We need to work towards the future.

Stay engaged. Be kind. Keep the faith.

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