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Monday, October 31, 2016

Friends, I've been quiet on the blog front lately. You may know this is my favorite hobby, but not a source of income for me. That provides me with the flexibility to slow down and step back.  What have I been doing? I've been funneling my energy and extra time into this election. If you follow me on Twitter, this comes as no surprise. 

A lot of people dislike talking politics and try to avoid the conversation. And in America part of our Democracy is the right to vote privately. I opt to forego that right, and am pretty loud and proud about the bubbles I fill in. This openness is probably a mix of being an overly loud person (my sister Steph will attest to this) and my upbringing. 

I remember getting to stay up late in 1992 and watching the DNC as Bill Clinton accepted the nomination. I remember knocking on doors with my dad (and not for candy) and going to vote with my mom. I've been writing letters to Senators and Presidents for decades. I've even had in person confrontations with Senators about their voting record. *please note, said Senator lost the fight and his re-election.

But a love of politics and obsession with collecting "I Voted" stickers isn't why I've been managing Facebook accounts or phone banking away. It is because this is the most important election in modern time. 

Don't want to talk about that? Okay, well let's talk about why you read this blog. I'm guessing you really like good food. I'm guessing you like having money to pay for meals at the coolest restaurants or to buy groceries for snazzy recipes. I'm pretty sure you care about climate change, and that said ingredients are sustainably harvested. I bet you think the chefs, waiters and wine makers deserve to make a living wage. Or that their cuts, burns and slammed fingers should be treated. And I bet you care about childhood hunger. 

All of this is on the ballot.

Still need a closing argument?
Take it away, Barry!

I certainly hope you will all get out and vote. If you're in Oregon, ballots are out and you may have voted. If not, drop your ballot off at the Library or one of eight 24-hour drop boxes.

If you're a reader in Idaho, DC, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Colorado, Minnesota, MONTANA, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Vermont, Maryland, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, or Ohio you can register ON Election Day! 

And as for the regular content of this blog? Well, post-election I have an AMAZING holiday gift guide and giveaway planned, a few recipes ready to share and a really special series in December.

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