2016 Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The holidays are upon us, and so is the time to gift those you love, like, or share a friend group with. ;)

3 Month Membership

I am a reader and love to gift books. I think they are thoughtful, useful, and give a reason to touch base after the holidays. I love a, "Hey, cousin! Just finished the book you gave me. I can't believe Joe was the killer!!" text. 

Book of the Month Club is an awesome gift for an avid reader or someone you may not know incredibly well. Here's how it works, each month you get to pick one of five book options. Don't like any of the options? Feel free to skip a month.

Scovare Sail

Over the summer I picked up a Groupon for a BYOB sail on a whim. It turned out to be one of my favorite activities in Portland to date! 

Scovare Expeditions has an impressive fleet of sailboats and yachts, not to mention the nicest staff! And as a lover of gifting experiences, I HIGHLY recommend gifting a sunset sail to your sweetie, bestie, or favorite colleague.

Red Ridge Olive Oil

Want to bring a hostess gift, but the hostess is expecting? Maybe you need to bring a lil' something for a work gift exchange or to your child's teacher. Perhaps you think wine is o-v-e-r. Whatever your reasoning might be, I highly recommend locally made oils and vinegars. Here in Oregon, Red Ridge has become my go to for a gracious hostess gift.


Temporary tattoos as a holiday gift?? YES!! Can you think of a more exciting or interactive gift swap item or stocking stuffer? Personally, I think being alive is an occasion for a temporary tattoo, and holiday tattoos are just ink on the bicep.

I've found Tattly designs to be the most creative and highest quality. Their winter collection includes a dapper reindeer, gold, and a scented line.

Smith Tea

Personally, I find stocking stuffers to be the most challenging gift to give. They can't be too expensive, should be relatively compact, and must never be dust-collecting junk. I've found luxury items like tea or coffee to be a thoughtful, budget-friendly, and healthy gift to give. Especially Smith Tea!! A box can be split up or your favorite sister can be gifted a holiday edition flavor such as Silent Night or Morning Light.

Now for the giveaway!!!

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  1. What a fantastic gift guide! As someone who often hosts I think the olive oil/vinegar is one of my favorite hostess gifts. Really good olive oil is such a treat! My favorite holiday traditions include our Christmas Eve fondue night. Always a favorite time!