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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello friends! If you're Portland-based you're VERY over weather we're having. The snow storm was cute for a day, but it is time for the city to get their blow on and salt them streets. Don't believe me? Bakery Bingo agrees!

A lot of people are hurting - and I'm certainly feeling compelled to chop things up ala Shining - and feeling the effects of cabin fever. Small businesses are hurting the most. While I don't want to promote anyone getting out there and driving on unsafe roads, I strongly encourage getting out in your neighborhood and supporting these shops.

I live in Northwest Portland and these are some of my favorite spots. What hood are you in? How are you surviving? I'd love to know what restaurants and shops you recommend.

1036 NW 18th 

These ladies all rock!! Don't need any hair removed? They sell candles, jewelry, and a selection of fancy lotions. You know your skin is dry like a snake.

Photo credit: Ovation

941 NW Overton

This is hands down the very best coffee shop in Portland. The customer service is exceptional and the Moroccan tea is crave-worthy.

417 NW 21st

Coffee shop in the morning. Epic wine bar at night. THe drinks are cheap, the pours heavy, and the people watching phenomenal.

Photo credit: Nuvrei

404 NW 10th

Three words: fresh. croissants. hourly.

333 NW 18th

Hummus, sexy lighting, and delightful cocktails. What better way to make googly eyes at your neighborhood tinder match??

1129 NW Johnson

Trust me, get the bucatini. 

735 NW 21st

Have a fireplace? Or a Netflix app? Head to City Market for fromage or some really fancy seafood. Your sweetie will thank you.

photo credit: try caviar

500 NW 21st

Judy's Noodles, soy curls, and an abundance of fortune cookies! Don't you want to know if Spring is coming?

1000 NW 17th

Best burger and nicest staff!

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