LA Weekend {Harry Potter, Santa Monica Pier, Temescul Canyon, Margo's and Eggslut}

Monday, March 13, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat {Merecdavison} you know I headed down to LA last weekend. My sister Stephanie was attending a wedding on Sunday so we decided to make a weekend of it! Why? HARRY POTTER!! Yup - it was a really magical experience. We also went hiking, had amazing sushi, went to a great brunch, and devoured Eggslut.

It was a weekend worthy of many thumbs up!!

Want the play-by-play?? What kind of question is that? Of course you do!!

 This was my dress for the wedding. I picked this beauty up at ASOS and LOVED it.

Henry, King of Packing.

PDX now has an artsy movie theatre. My flight was delayed so I watched a fun short film. If you have time before a flight be sure to check it out!

Gorgeous sunset in LA. This was right after the much older gentleman sitting next to me asked if I'd ever like to get dinner in PDX. I told him about my boyfriend, Jeffrey

Thanks for sharing your scarf, BLR. #Hufflepuff

Tip: Get there at 8am and lines will be minimal.

Steph will set a spell on you.


Talking pictures!

 The Great Hall


We LOVED the Jurassic Park ride! Rode it 3 times.

REALLY loved it
After a very long day of walking we headed down to the Santa Monica Pier for a nice walk and to catch sunset. After an EXHAUSTING day we headed to dinner at 6:30 and were in bed by 8:30. Wild, I tell ya. While I didn't get a picture I would highly recommend B.A.D. Sushi in Santa Monica.

 We kicked off Sunday with with 11 hours of sleep and a lovely hike. While the reviews for the Temescal Canyon hike said the first 10ish minutes were really grueling we found that to be a complete falsehood. I would say the first 45-60 minutes of the hike were super steep, rocky, and with lots of switchbacks. I also think doing this hike on a stomach of coffee and one cookie is a very bad idea. 

 But then the top is REAL gorgeous and going down is pretty and there's a waterfall. Also, ladies in Santa Monica LOVED my shirt. Thanks, Rach!

For our post-hike brunch we checked out Margo's on Montana Ave. The brunch was tasty, affordable, and the service was great. I especially enjoyed the (not pictured) brussel sprouts!
After our hike we watched Jurassic Park (DUH!) then headed to the wedding. It was a beautiful affair with the most beautiful flowers. Mazel Tov, to the happy couple.

Eggslut and the airport. 'Nuf said!

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  1. What a fun trip! I happen to be in LA right now but still haven't been to Hogwarts, one day on a future visit I hope!