Current Favorites {Rainy Season Essentials}

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's raining! It's pouring! Portland, I'm finding this tantrum quite boring.

If you live in PDX ( or follow pretty much anyone on social) you know the weather has been grueling. It was the rainiest February on record and March is soaking wet. Last Friday we had a day of sunshine and the entire city behaved as if Prozac had been added to the water.

Personally, I'll take flouride AND prozac. 

I'm starting to get a bit worried about "April showers bring May flowers" and what the coming weeks and months hold. This is 30, people! I'm blogging about the weather.

Well, to survive all of this rain one needs a good balance of health, wine, and hope.

How've you been surviving?

1. Trader Joe's Parsnips
I miss bountiful produce. We're root vegetable deep into this winter, and things are getting boring. I've been relying on sassy parsnip to elevate the party. I've enjoyed cutting them into fries and tossing with olive oil, honey, aleppo pepper, and salt, then roasting at 400.

Getting the most out of gym-time has been crucial since long walks are just a damp dream. I really enjoy the lock on this container (no spills!), that it can be easily gripped by small hands, the hook makes for easy carrying, and how quickly it opens and closes mid-workout.

3. La Croix Blackberry Cucumber
You probably know how much I love infused water, but it only works with fresh produce. The blackberry and cucumber La Croix has been transporting me to summer days. It also tastes mighty fine with a splash of vodka. Just sayin'

Risotto balls! Turkey meatballs! Cookies! Using this scoop cuts prep time in half and feels very professional.
P.S. It also works with ice cream!

5. Glicine Sconsolata Barbera 2013 
Friends, it just isn't rose season yet. It hurts. Really hurts. I've been picking up this bottle of barbera since December and absolutely love it. I buy it at Vinopolis for $18 a bottle. Completely reasonable. I enjoy how big this is without being inky. It has an almost effervescent and tingly finish that pairs well with chicken, beef, or ice cream.

6. Thai and True Panang Curry Paste
This Oregon-made curry paste is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! Available at New Seasons and Whole Foods I insist you get a jar this weekend. I've used it in curries, stir fries and even as a marinade for both veggies and meats. The spice level is perfect and the flavor feels anything but jarred. 

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