Secrets to Being a Single Blogger + Valentine's Decor

Monday, February 3, 2014

One of the biggest hesitations I had about starting a blog is my single status.  While that may sound crazy, most of my favorite bloggers are married.  A good percentage of them have adorable small humans. Their Instagrams are filled with chubby cheeked cherubs and handsome husbands to attend fabulous brunches together.  I really wondered if I could fill the pages of Martha Chartreuse with interesting content without a  partner in crime.  Is a double serving of faux-Cheesecake for one amazing or embarrassing? Then I realized this could be really, really amazing.  I don't have to adjust recipes for a husband who only eats cous cous that "supports a two state solution", or, factor in children that have an early bedtime when throwing parties.  This blog is Pure Mere.  At least, I am hopeful it is an accurate portrayal of who I am in person.  And that person just so happens to be single. Which is fun and fabulous.  With a few dashes of adventure, and more than a splash of comedy.

While it is scary to blog solo, it can be even scarier to do things alone in real life.  Going to dinner by yourself can be intimidating.  But also fun and mysterious.  Making pork ragu for one is a challenge.  But the leftover potential is top notch. Sometimes, it requires very fabulous shoes. And, every February, it requires over-the-top Valentine's Day Decorations.  Why? Because all types of love should be celebrated.  And, I have a really amazing mantel that lends itself to seasonal decor. Annnnd, a really great ottoman.

Candles//Candle Tray//Tray

HomeCrafted Garland

Fancy Bar Decor


  1. Seriously loving the decor, especially the "XO" garland :) And I'm glad you decided to start blogging regardless of your status!

  2. I was all about the XOXO this year as well! It figures that we'd have the same fabulous decor taste :).