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Monday, March 10, 2014

This weekend I attended the PDX Bloggers Speed Networking Event.  It was held at the awe inspiring Cyrel's @ Clay Pigeon Winery and brought together over 30 bloggers who are on top of their game.  We are talking creative, talented, funny, smart, and sparkly people!

Phenomenal Charcuterie
A beautiful cheese board

I knew I wanted to have a business card that really represented what Martha Chartreuse is all about.  Something easy, affordable and gender neutral.  Something that respected everyone's dietary restrictions and would not go bad.  A takeaway that would inspire everyone I met to not only stop by Martha Chartreuse, but, to actually love it so much they would make it at home!

I came across these mini-containers at the Dollar Tree and instantly knew what I would be doing to introduce the blog to others.

Salt Scrubs!!

They are a perfect addition to any shower, bath or home pedicure!  They can be made using pantry ingredients and are a great way to take the extra step and make things just a bit more special.  The scrubs also make a wonderful gift and party take away.  I can't wait for the next shower I throw or ladies party I pull together.  These will certainly be repeated!

Coffee Scrub

1.5 Cups Coffee Grounds
1.5 Cups Sea Salt
1 Cup Brown Sugar
4 TBS Oil

1. In a medium bowl mix together un-brewed coffee grounds, sea salt and brown sugar.
2.  Add oil of your choice.  I used baby oil.
3.  Mix together.
4.  Store in an airtight container

Citrus Scrub

1 Cup Salt
1 Cup Epsom Salts
Zest from Three Citrus Fruits
1/3 Cup Oil

1. In a large bowl mix together both salts and the zest from three citrus fruits.  I used 2 oranges and 1 moro orange.
2.  Let sit for five minutes.  This will give the citrus scent and oils mesh with the salt.
3.  Add the oil and mix together vigorously.
4. Store in an air tight container.


A handwritten notes leaves such a warm and authentic impression.

Label containers & tape the lid to the base.

Tie a thick string around the container, leaving 1 inch tails.

Attach the string to the bottom of the container with clear tape.

Tie note to the container using the 1 inch tails.

Pass out and spread the love!

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