Commissary Cafe, Greens and Selfies {What I'm Loving Now}

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Commissary Cafe is a relatively new spot in Portland and just so happens to be a few blocks from my apartment.  The coffee is robust, the food tasty and everyone who works there is so kind!  The space is truly inspiring and lust-worthy!  The giant windows and skylights keep everything light and bright, while taking in the beautifully tree-lined street.  The furnishings are simple yet memorable, lending themselves to the beautiful architectural features.  The cafe also houses a very distinct piece of mirror art.  It is a social media darling and some kind of hack is certainly in the works.  I have no doubt about that.  I am already trying to find ways to capture this "feeling" in my own home.  What spaces and shops inspire you?

Spring Meals

Spring has arrived in Portland and I certainly don't hate it!  The days have been sunny, it gets greener every day and the happiness is radiating from everyone's face!  We have also had rather consistent evening rain storms which smell fantastic.  

Another perk of Spring is the light, healthy,  and yummy meals.  Last night I prepared artichokes and warmed up a medley of olives.  It was very easy and felt like such a special treat.  My friend who joined us for dinner had never had artichokes outside of dip.  How do you like your artichokes?  Do you have a favorite Spring meal?

Sunday Selfies

Selfies aren't really my thing.  I would much rather share pictures of my food or environment, not my mug.  I don't mind being in group photos taken by others, or, even orchestrating said shot.  This past Sunday, after lots of cleaning and a light work out I snuggled up with my roommates dog, Athena, while we all chatted.  Snuggles are to Athena, like selfies are to me.  So, this show of affection and quality snuggle time needed to be captured.  Hey, if Athena is willing to go out of her comfort zone to make me happy, I can go out of mine to photograph the milestone!  Do you selfie?

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  1. I have been wanting to try out Commissary, it's definitely on my list of places to go! Love your selfie :)