Friday Five {Sister Sister}

Friday, April 4, 2014

Next week marks the birthday of one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world; my older sister!  So, in honor of her anniversary of life, Friday Five is all about Stephy J and what makes her so awesome!

Notre Dame Cathedral
She is always up for trying new things.  Hikes, runs, museums, recipes, etc.  And the girl loves Macaroons!!  We have tested, critiqued and kept notes on dozens of macaroon flavors.  We know, it is a tough job but someone has to do it.  

A sea of macaroons
She makes things fun; even when you are wet, hungry and tired.   While in Paris, we had spent the day trekking around Monmarte, climbing the hills, exploring stores and getting somewhat lost.  In the rain.  Instead of throwing a pity party we popped into a cafe, ate Pomme Frites {American Style} and chair danced to French Abba!

She loves Gilmore Girls and is almost always willing to binge watch it with me.  She also references real life situations back to Stars Hallow!  Need I say more?

Shenanigans in North Portland
The girl can cook!  For our parent's 2013 Holiday Party she made marshmallows!!  They were clearly the hit of the party.  It is probably wrong to ask someone to make you a special treat on their birthday, right?!?!

NPR Swag
She is a fantastic and thoughtful gift-giver!  For my college graduation she and my oldest sister gifted me a goat!  She also gifts NPR Swag and fancy pastries just because!  She is always thinking of others.

Always making me laugh!

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