Friday Five {My Favorite Instagrams}

Friday, September 12, 2014

In case you haven't noticed, I absolutely love Instagram!!!  It is a great way to document adventures, share funny musings, and, always pay tribute to amazing food.

While I would always recommend following me {@merecdavison} there are some really great accounts I highly recommend following!  Who do you keep up with on the Gram?  Am I missing out on anything??  I hate missing the party.

Have a great weekend darlings!!  I hope it is Instagram-able! 

Whether you are a Parks and Rec fanatic, lover of nature or have retinas, this is by far the most beautiful and inspiring Instagram account out there. 

This is one of my most recent follows but I am loving it!  Beautiful jewelry, inspiring quotes and celebrity style- yes please!

Highly offensive. Check.  
Vulgar and obscene.  Check, Check.
Hilarious, Day Brightening, Smile Making Humor.  Check, Check, Check.

Her culinary creations are pure art.  Sourcing local ingredients and using her AMAZING kitchen and outdoor pizza oven, she is my life inspiration.  I once asked her to adopt me.  She kindly declined.

If you aren't watching The Mindy Project, START!!!  You have four days to catch up before the new season begins.  If you don't like Mindy, let's go our separate ways.  This hilarious, smart and thoughtful celebrity keeps things real on her social media.


  1. A) That US Interior picture is GORGEOUS.
    B) The FatJewish photo totally cracks me up. I love the autofill suggestions.