As Seen On Instagram {Six}

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hello lovelies!!  I hope you are doing well. Life has been so busy lately - and absolutely zooming by. Not so fast that I haven't been documenting life on Instagram, but fast enough that I already have June activities on my calendar. WOAH.

Perhaps my schedule will slow down to my new fear of online dating. Thanks Michelle!! By the way, have you voted for her yet? As someone who not only reads the blog, but actually tastes some of the creations I urge you to vote! #fullpackage 

Speaking of great bloggers, this Smitten Kitchen post defines what makes for a great recipe. Just read it. So fantastic!

Oh, and I started a blog Facebook page. Because I know you were desperate to know that.

What is new with you? Been doing anything fun? I would love to know!

Plaza del Toro opening night was so fun!!


MEllan and I at a Timbers Game. #soccerselfies

I was part of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target madness!! While I wasn't there before the doors open, the downtown location was almost completely sold out at 9am. It was a mad house. I had no idea Portland had preppy people like me. 

Checked out the new 10 Barrel Brewing in the Pearl. The Cucumber Sour is delicious!

Boke Bowl Dim Sum for #supperclubPDX

Saw this clutch at #thetoast wedding show. It is available at Mercantile and I am lusting after it. 
Big. Time! 

Bar Mingo with one of my favorite people!

Urban Waxx comes with mimosas and trail mix!

Would it be an "As Seen On Instagram" without Athena?!?!

Mary Ellen made these and my life changed forever. A wider hips kind of change.

To counter the crack bars. 

The New Seasons limited edition ice cream was phenomenal. The chocolate cake layers made this extra amazing. If my children aren't as fun and enjoyable as this, I will return them.

The Levant Portland Dining Month selections were phenomenal. This is a magical pistachio cream with panna cotta and shredded havla. 

Ovation is my favorite coffee shop for so many reasons!

Eb+Bean for Chloe's birthday!


  1. NEED that clutch! omg! also can't wait to see you tonight! :D

  2. I want to go to there. All the theres!

  3. Um, totally want that clutch, and I hope to see you modeling your Lilly Pulitzer purchases on Instagram! I like the style (I always think of how consistently fun and flirty but elegant Paige on the tv show Royal Pains looks like) but not enough to go through what it seemed everyone did with crowds and craziness.

  4. I'm bummed I missed LP at Target! By the time I got there most of the stuff was picked over! Excited to see what you got!

  5. Sweet - looks like you had lots of great things going on including Boke Bowl.

  6. Still mad at myself that I didn't get that Ruby Jewel ice cream!! Arghhhhh

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  8. Um and that Jezebel article?! CREEEEEEPY!

  9. You crack me up with these captions. Loving this post for food inspo!!