inPDX {#SaltFireWater Calcotada}

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You may know that I grew up in a small Montana town rich in Irish traditions and Croation heritage. Filled with hard-working people that prioritize family, friends, and God's Country, I have always had a healthy understanding of community. That environment, as well as a family of curious people, has always led me to be interested in the way other people experience and define home.

Somewhere around the end of high school and the beginning of college I began binge watching episodes of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation. An investigation of food and culture as a true local around the world. Though I watched dozens of episodes, nearly ten years later one episode has always stayed with me. When the outspoken chef explored Spain I was enchanted by the artisan chocolate making, wine, and the messy Calcotada. (This episode will be rebroadcast on the Travel Channel May 29th)

As explained by Jacobsen Salt Co. "The Calcotada is a traditional Spring ritual in Catalonia, Spain. It is a messy, hands-on culinary celebration of calcots - a special variety of spring onions that are grilled until blackened, sweet and tender, then peeled, dredged in romaseco sauce, and eaten with your fingers."

I have always been intrigued by this equalizing meal that comes with such humble fanfare that can be shared by generations from any corner of the globe. When I found out that the kick-off #SaltFireWater event would be a Calcotada I was elated! With Foster's Craft Cooking (One of my favorite IG accounts + fellow oyster love-languager) and Kristen Murray (Girl-Boss + Sweetheart) at the helm, I knew excellent was the only way this event would turn out. Viridian Farms even farms authentic calcots! Again, superb standards.

This meal did not disappoint! The weather was beautiful, the food delicious, and the conversation compelling. From ashy fingers to dribbles of Rose from the oh-so-entertaining Porrons, strangers and friends came together as a community.

#SaltFireWater will be a series of meals curated by Jacobsen's Salt Co., Williams Sonoma, and New Season's featuring Portland's premiere chefs. Each meal will showcase an authentic meal that investigates how food+home translate from various pockets around the world.

 Basque Almond Cake

Bee Local Honey for days!

The gal in yellow has nothing on Jacobsen Salt Co.

 Matthew taking it all in!

Such a stunning space!

Porrons of Rose

The chicest person I know!

Aubrie has arch

Making mothers proud since 1987

White Beans + Chorizo + Clams


  1. One of the best events ever! So glad I got to go with you!

  2. What a fun-looking event! I love food you can eat with your hands, and street food is pretty much the best, and grilled spring onions? Ohmygosh yes.

  3. This looks amazing, and I can only imagine it must have smelled incredible. The porrons were a spectacular touch.

  4. This looks like a great event! The almond cake looks so delicious!

  5. What a fabulous looking event!! And seriously those cakes?! Ahh, Kristen Murray is a goddess! Love those photos of the wine pours too :)

  6. Oh man the food and photos look amazing!!

  7. What a fun event! The food looks amazing!

  8. Oh, wow, that all sounds amazing! Great event!

  9. This looks like so much fun. I've been hearing a lot about the SaltWaterFire events and am looking forward to the different themes that they are taking on.

  10. What a fun and TASTY event!!! :-)

  11. This looks so so fun and yummy. Those almond cakes! I'm also from big sky country. I've met so many people in Oregon that are MT natives. :)

  12. Three words - Basque Almond Cake, ONE emotion - love (at first sight).
    I'm going to need to find that cake...

  13. Awesome! I love all the shots of us drinking from the porrons. Fun night, I'm glad I shared it with you.