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Friday, July 31, 2015

As an active online dater the process of swiping, liking and happy houring can be exhausting; I field through a lot of crazy messages, participate in a good amount of small talk and have kissed a few frogs... and lawyers, engineers and accountants. I have met some really amazing people through this - one of my closest friends - and experienced a bit of heartache. But through it all I have become more and more sure of one thing: I am pretty darn sparkly!

Okay... enough with the pinterest affirmations! Onto the good stuff!!!!

I LOVE gnocchi. Summer Gnocchi with corn and zucchini is speaking to me!
Beautiful and efficient approach to face masks.
FRIED provolone?!?! In a tomato sandwich? Deb is a goddess.
My friend Oliva told my to check out this documentary. Tig Nataro is a badass!
Coconut water popsicles. With gummy bears! Get outta town!
My fantasy man.
Ashley Madison, not the next Bachelorette.
It is 100 degrees right now, but come October I will be a regular at Broth Bar!

What are you loving these days? Any links to share? I would love to know!


  1. Love that pinterest quote!!! You are such a catch- and when you find the right guy, this adventure will be worth all the ups and downs. But for now, it's a fun ride- so enjoy it!

  2. That's such a great poem! And that summer gnocchi sounds delicious.

  3. I obviously want you to be happy...but I also don't want Dear Cupid to go away soooo...seriously though, you are my window into the crazy online dating world! But I love that quote, you are fantastic my friend! Good shopping with you yesterday :)

  4. That gnocchi sounds delicious, but I admit I just do not have the patience to make gnocchi myself. The tomato and fried provolone though is right up my alley... as soon as I feel like using kitchen heat again because it's not above 90 degrees! Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Mmm, gnocchi! I love the stuff but, like Pech, I just don't have the patience (or time) to make it myself. But, if I could get someone (like the hubs) to make it for me, that would be a different story!

  6. Ha! Such great inspiration and you are quite sparkly! :) And, yes, Deb is a goddess. Fried provolone and tomato? Get in my belly!

  7. I think discovering your own "spark" is the power you need before you'll be able to see anything else really coming your own way. So you're doing awesome. :) And I just watched the documentary last night on Tig and it was really moving and good.

  8. Can I come over for the summer gnocchi? I'm digging anything with fresh corn in it these days. And ugh, Ashley Madison. So creepy.