SnapStory {Pine Street Market}

Monday, May 9, 2016

If you live in Portland, you know that the hotly anticipated Pine Street Market has finally opened. It is a dining hall that has brought together some of Portland's favorite chefs and brands for a dining experience that can please just about anyone.

Before the grand opening my friend Maria and I decided to eat and drink our way through the beautiful space. Right off the South Waterfront I see this being a favorite of visitors, frolickers and those who work downtown. It is also two blocks from LeChon - providing several eating destinations to anchor the up-and-coming neighborhood. 

The space is smaller than I anticipated and I foresee it being really busy - fun, but those who don't like big crowds should visit on off hours. I was also very impressed by the staff. Every person was excited, friendly and supportive of each and every business. It never felt competitive, which I loved. 

Beef Tongue Bahn Mi *****
Five Spice Chips *****
Onion Crisps *****
Daily Punch *****

Hands down, this was my favorite spot of the day!! The food was perfectly balanced - buttery meats paired with crunchy baguette and every ingredient was expertly seasoned. 

Mac'n'Cheese Brat ****

OP is the gold standard when it comes to 'dogs' and mac'n'cheese is the gold standard when it comes to carbs. So this is a winning spot, DUH!

Spanish Kiss *****
Aged Marinated Manchego **
Papas Bravas ****
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ***
Elderflower G&T ***
Pisco Pimms Punch ****

The menu has a lot of Gorham's classics, but highlights super trendy rotisserie chicken. 

Woodblock Chocolate Soft Serve with Chocolate Hard Shell **
Roasted Strawberry Coconut Soft Serve with Salt **

This is Salt & Straw's decadent take on sundaes and soft serve. For me this was too rich and sweet. It was also VERY pricey - some of the items are nearly $10.

* Hard no!
** Not for me, but you might like it!
*** I'd order this again.
**** #NomNomNom

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