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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy HAPPY almost weekend!! I can't believe 4th of July is next weekend. Seriously? Along with Omega weather patterns is time also warping in a weird hieroglyphic way?? 

I have a lot of  household projects on the books for this weekend, a trip to Ikea and a lady date with Olivia. That means Nordstrom and dinner. 

What do you have planned for the weekend? Any fun projects or restaurants? 

Cheers to the weekend!!

Munchery has come to Portland! If you're following on Snapchat (merecdavison) you know that I am trying it out. Use code YYT27EXH to get $20 off your first order.

Annie wrote the loveliest blog post in honor of her dad and shared a strawberry-rhubarb pie recipe that is speaking my language.

Have you been to Bible Club? It is SO high on my list.

I hope you stop and smell the flowers!

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