#FeastPDX {What to Wear: Brunch Village}

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Here we are, at the end of Feast. Tummies are full. Faces are bloated. Jokes have been had. Feet are sore. Heads, they might be hurting. But we all power through and have the best time at Brunch Village! For this, I recommend a casual outfit that can easily be thrown together.

This year I'm really excited for dishes from the Fat Rice team, what Bayou Bakery will bring to the table, and the magic from Trove.

Shirt ($38) Zella is the best and everybody knows this design will conceal your food baby.
Hat ($30) Show your Portland pride and conceal the greasy hair with this cap
Sunglasses ($12) Sun + hangover
Sandals ($26-53) Cushion, cushion, cushion!!
Cross body bag ($48) Your back, hands and stomach will thank you. 
Pants ($98) These will suck EVERYTHING in.

Note:  All of these products are ones I either own or have tried on. I have not been compensated or paid to share any of these products. I do not use an affiliate program or receive any commission if you click the links of purchase the products.

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  1. Casual outfits are a must at brunch. Especially here in Portland when we are waiting so long to even get in any place! 😊