#FeastPDX {What to Wear: OMGSmoked}

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Though only two years old, OMGSmoked is by-far the most hotly anticipated Marquee event for FeastPDX. I went last year and it was incredible. I'm so excited for a casual and delicious night on NW Portland. The layout, photo booth experiences and architecture of the surrounding buildings makes this one of the dreamiest events. It is for that reason I went with a slightly fancier outfit. And by 'fancy' I mean 'not black'.

Floral Dress ($76) Flirty, pretty and covered up. The slit is sassy and the overall design is covered up and flattering.
Clog Sandal ($129) The thick heel will be perfect on the grass lawn of Fields Park and the comfortable design will keep you eating, standing and dancing in comfort all night long.
Leather Camera Bag ($79) Cross body bags are crucial to hold all of your things and protect your back. This one is perfect for all of your foodie and photography needs.
Sunglasses ($12) Though an evening event, you'll want sunnies for the first hour of the event while watching the sunset.

Note:  All of these products are ones I either own or have tried on. I have not been compensated or paid to share any of these products. I do not use an affiliate program or receive any commission if you click the links of purchase the products.


  1. You forgot to mention the pre-party 😂 I like that camera bag!!

  2. So important to have ability to me hands free to hold food and drink! Also be prepared for your clothes to smell a little smoky!