#FeastPDX {What to Wear: Grand Bounty}

Monday, August 15, 2016

FeastPDX Officially kicks off in 1 month and I am so excited for one of my favorite weekends of the year. Celebrating its fifth year I know everything will be over the top. I am truly honored to be attending as a blogger. I've also picked up a few other tickets to make a true weekend of it.

I will be heading to Grand Bounty Tasting, Night Market, OMG Smoked and Brunch Village. At this point I've been to all of these events and feel I understand the vibe, aesthetic and what my needs will be. 

Over the next week I will be sharing my outfit recommendations for each event.

Will you be attending? Which events are you heading to?

Grand Bounty takes place Friday and Saturday and is one of the more casual events with tremendous value. I'm particularly excited for samples from Honey Mama's, Dobbes Family Estate, Hyland Estates, and

Shorts ($12) Comfortable, casual and great for the last days of summer.
Sunnies ($12) I get SO MANY compliments on these. They are stylish without being too over-the-top. The weather is usually very nice and the day event calls for sunglasses.
Shoes ($16-69) Comfort is KEY and these are so supportive and super cute. Most of the events involve a lot of walking and standing on concrete, so a well padded shoe is important.
Squad Tee ($34) Travel Oregon has a reputation for the very best photo booth at Grand Bounty. I can't imagine a more appropriate shirt for a weekend with all of my girls.

Note:  All of these products are ones I either own or have tried on. I have not been compensated or paid to share any of these products. I do not use an affiliate program or receive any commission if you click the links of purchase the products.

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  1. Agreed some comfy cute shoes are a must! I should get on finding some new fun ones before the big week arrives!!