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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hello, love bugs!! Things have been slow around here, but I trust none of you are losing sleep or going hungry with the silence. If you are, might I suggest some sleepy tea and several fantastic restaurants!

The lull has mostly been due to some life changes. All positive and exciting (a new roommate, redecorating and some remodeling) changes that have been taking up my time and creative energy. Though I have a feeling some really interesting home posts are in your future.

That doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up my regular consumption of tasty food.

LeChon is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland and they have developed a really tasty happy hour menu to help celebrate the Olympics. Trust me, nothing is controversial about the Ice Breaker Cocktail!! The space is gorgeous, the location is convenient and the staff is so talented.

Poke Mon is also filling my heart and belly. While I have zero interest in chasing digital creatures around, I have every interest in consuming bowl after bowl of super fresh ahi tossed with sauces, avocado and crunchy balls of magic.

Jenn Louis and the entire Lincoln team are going for gold with some phenomenal new dishes and a medal-worthy happy hour. I'm particularly smitten with the asparagus hummus, fried chicken with white BBQ sauce (hello, Master of None!), and the caramel fudge cake. Do yourself a solid and get there now. Hell, do me a solid and let's go together!!

I'm using Munchery ($20 code: EGHXHJJ3) at least once a week for dinner. The chicken chimchurri (usually on Mondays) is a favorite, and I'm excited for the new sushi offerings!

Rebekah has also been an amazing friend and has graciously fed me gourmet toast and Aperol cocktails. Might I suggest you all host your own toast bar brunch?!

All of this great food has given me the fuel to make sure people are getting registered to vote! I've been amazed to hear how many people went to update or check their registration and learned it was inaccurate. Take a few minutes now and make sure you're good-to-go come November!

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