Supper Club PDX {La Taq + Eb & Bean}

Monday, October 6, 2014

This month's Supper Club PDX was much smaller than our regular group.  Thanks Zac Brown, next time we will just invite you!!!

Originally scheduled to try Double Dragon, Erin, Maria and I decided to go rogue and try out La Taq followed by Eb & Bean.  Honestly, it didn't feel right going to a ramen place without Rachel!!

La Taq is part of the Podnah's Pit family and right next door.  This small space does not have a website and reservations aren't an option.  The space is beautiful and the largest table can hold six comfortably.  

Despite there only being three of us we tried as many menu items as possible.  Some items, I loved.  Others, I could do without.  Overall, I will be back for drinks, crispy tuna tacos and queso!

For dessert, we headed to my newest obsession, Eb & Bean, for some fro-yo!!  

It was a lovely night filled with great conversation and stories.  

Maria and I both had their traditional margaritas.  I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Homemade chips and queso!  I was a HUGE fan of their tortilla chips.  Crispy, thick and perfectly salted.  I have had multiple thoughts about these chips since leaving.  

We ordered four tacos to share.  From the top left clockwise {Cactus, Butternut Squash, Carne Asada and Crispy Tuna}

We all agreed the butternut squash was our favorites.  Personally, I could eat an entire plate of the crispy tuna.  We also agreed the carne asada was a bit dry. 

Next, we shared a pork puffy taco.  This was absolutely amazing!!  The fried and crunchy shell was the perfect home for the saucy filling.   It was a smidge messy sharing but we pulled it off.

I was so excited to see a torta sandwich on the menu.  I have loved torta sandwiches since a very wild and outrageous road trip years ago.  Sadly, the meat was very dry.  Some kind of sauce or spread would have helped pull this sandwich together.  

The very handsome and kind waiter sweetly treated us to mini-cups of the watermelon water.  As he said, we either have this or tequila shots for dessert!  The watermelon water was refreshing and perfectly sweetened.   

Afterwards, we headed to Eb + Bean for froyo.  This small shop in NE is all about local, healthy, high quality and accommodating.  They have vegan and gluten-free options that are quite yummy.  As a self-proclaimed glutenista I feel that is saying something!!  I had the seasonal base of Maple froyo with sugar donuts, bakeshop molasses cookies and fresh whipped cream.  Delicious and perfectly for the changing weather!

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  1. I'm sad you didn't also our waiter's gorgeous Aussie accent. He was the best part of the meal. I'm so glad you got me hooked on Eb & Bean!!