New + Noteworthy {Tea Bar, Milk Glass Mrkt, Hush}

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hello and Happy Friday! For anyone that lives in Portland, or follows the local food scene, you know how crazy things can get. With new restaurants opening on a weekly basis, pop-up dinners happening on the regular and city favorites with 2-hour long waits, it can be challenging to navigate this really amazing city.

It is actually quite normal to have an extensive and detailed Google Doc of restaurants categorized by neighborhood, cuisine, price-point and signature dish. If we made regular conversation a drinking game, the line "Oh, I've been meaning to try that place" would equate to one shot. Equally, "Did you see so-and-so's Instagram?? I realllllly need to try hot-hip-haute-couture-cheese-bar-with-unique-artsy-twist" would equate to slamming your drink. If life were a drinking game we would all be passed out by 10am. Granted, we could thank a gourmet, locally-sourced, home-brewed craft cocktail for the mid-morning siesta.

The same goes for experiences. With beautifully curated stores, super-luxe gyms, and week-long waiting lists, nourishing ones health can also be overwhelming. Trust me, these are all great problems to have.

Since none of us have more than 24-hours in one day, bottomless budgets and unstoppable metabolisms, it is time to break down the hottest new and noteworthy spots in Portland.

Tea Bar
1615 NE Killingsworth
8am-8pm Daily

If you have an Instagram account and live in Portland then you have heard about Tea Bar! This ultra-hip space could star in just about any lifestyle blog or magazine. With clean lines and simple colors, this space sets the stage for deep conversations, scribing a memoir or reading the great-American novel. The shop only serves tea and brings in baked goods. The tea can be served steeped or in a latte.

Must Try: Honey Assam Latte, Dark Forest Latte
Things-to-Know: Outlets do not seem to be available at every table. If you are coming to work,bring a charged computer or be prepared to scout out the oh-so-valuable outlets.

milk glass mrkt
2150 N. Killingsworth
9am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday

I first heard about milk glass mrket in an Eater article and was instantly enchanted by the design and intrigued by the menu. Nothing on the menu feels traditional and seems to have an old-timey twist. The shop also houses and offers a unique collection of seasonings, champagne and food products. I will say, we were not impressed with any of the sweet baked goods. We tried a cherry muffin and apricot oatmeal cookie. Both had an excellent consistency and texture. They both seemed to need a little spice. Cinnamon and nutmeg would have made them must-haves for me.

I was a big fan of the savory dishes. I had the smoked trout salad and we had the castelveltrano focaccia to share. The focaccia was light and airy with a generous salt flake on top. I will most definitely be ordering this again.

Must Try: The eggs & greens, with fresh veggies, smoked trout and a fried egg, this salad is filling and healthy. It is the perfect fuel for a busy weekend.
Things to Know: The space is small! If you have a group of 4 or more, this may not be the spot for you. The space is small and busy. The chances or snagging 2-3 tables next to one another is unlikely.

Hush Meditation 
19th and Lovejoy

Mere Mere, you aren't in Anaconda anymore. That is exactly how I felt when scheduling a class at Hush Meditation. Hush meditation is a small boutique 'mental health gym' located next to one of my favorite coffee shops. The discreet space offers guided meditation classes on a daily basis. Each class has a different theme from Mind to Love. I

Must Try: A class led by Jessica Peterson! She has such a warm and welcoming spirit. I instantly felt safe in her hands and was open to communicating with her.
Things to Know: The space can be a bit chilly, I would recommend bringing a blanket if you tend to run cold.


  1. The Things To Know tips you give are brilliant observations!

  2. I am so behind times and am so glad that you are filling me in on all the new exciting places plus reviews. Love it. Thank you :)

  3. To all of those places - Oh, I've been meaning to try that place. And yes I will drink for that.

  4. I am intrigued to learn more about Hush. I have now idea what a meditation class even is like. I also agree with Pech and love the "Things to Know" tips!

  5. Thanks for your recommendations! The smoked trout salad looks delicious!

  6. Oh man I love tea bar. I wish it was my neighborhood shop I'd stop in every day!

  7. *Really* want to try Tea Bar. Guess I'll add it to my list. Also, I'm going to echo the others "Things to Know" is invaluable!

  8. Love the drinking game idea. So true. Tea Bar looks great!

  9. Omg I need to go to all of these places ASAP. Awesome post, Meredith!!