Fourteen Favorite Posts of 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hello All!  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this holiday season!  I am currently in Montana celebrating Christmas with friends and family.  There will be plenty of delicious meals, a few parties and hopefully a little relaxation.  I plan on sharing a full-recap and several recipe posts upon my return to the City of Roses.  
{After I catch up with Athena, of course!  She is holding down the fort while I am away.}

Until then, I hope you will keep up with me on Instagram {@merecdavison}!  And, in case you are spending time in the airport or need some light reading check out my fourteen favorite posts from 2014!!!

How will you be celebrating? Do you have travel plans or favorite traditions?

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!!

Loved having my sister share her talents!

It was at this event where I started to get to know some of my favorite people!

I make this 2-3 times a month.

Such a fun night on the town!

This has become another go-to recipe.

The most commented piece of art in my apartment.

A partial recap of my summer trip to Montana.

The kick off for my beloved #supperclubpdx at a truly unique restaurant. 

Such a fun and tasty spin on guac.

A resourceful way to keep the house smelling great!

A review of the beautiful and delicious Maurice.

A signature cocktail.  And, one of my first posts.

Fried celery leaves!

I had the honor of guest posting over at Bakery Bingo!


  1. Of the things on the list that I've read or tried, I have to say that the simmer pot = GAME CHANGER. It's now a "go-to" for me!

  2. i adore this! end of the year posts are always my favorite!
    ladies in navy

  3. Great post Idea! I loved all the ones you mentioned as well!

  4. Hooray for these posts! Especially the Blogger Brunch where I got to meet you and the Kiwi Guacamole which is a) amazingly delicious and b) something that sparked our friendship! So glad we have become friends! xoxo!