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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Foodie Christmas is just one week away! I've been so excited my roommate kindly refers to life, times, and television plans as BF/AF. Before Feast. After Feast. Yup, foodie Christmas. 

This year I will be attending both days of Grand Bounty, Night Market, OMG Smoked, and Brunch Village. I'm also really excited to check out Drink Tank: Washington Wines on the Rise

Besides all of the food, what I'm really most excited for is the people. Some of my favorite friends will be at Feast and the shenanigans will be outrageous. Not to mention the chefs - though we lust after, discuss, and enjoy so many of their creations, it is rare to actually know them.

In particular, Brad Farmerie and Alvin Cailan happen to be two of my favorite celebrity chefs. 

At last year's Brunch Village Farmerie made the fan-favorite Turkish Eggs. A regular menu item at Public (Aa 2016 Michelin Star recipient), the creamy eggs in a spicy sauce have haunted my dreams. So much so, that I decided to recreate the recipe at home. He also has a reputation for being one of the nicest , most easy-going , and humble chefs in the business.  If you watch any food documentaries on Netflix, you know this is a rarity. 

Chef Cailan's 2015 Sandwich Invitation Delight

As for Alvin, well, the man has made egg sandwiches sexy. Previously the midnight snack food of dads around America, it is now the must-have meal of glossy celebrities and foodies alike. (Sorry dad, Alvin beats you in the egg sandwich department. But your chocolate chip pancakes are still tops!)

Since Farmerie and Cailan brought two of the most interesting and delicious dishes last year we thought it would be fun to check in with them and get to know these chefs a bit better. From last meals to cooking playlists we've got it all.

Farmerie will be at OMGSmoked and Cailan will be cooking at Night Market.

Now head on over to Bakery Bingo to find out what Alvin has to say.

What chef are you most excited to meet or collaborate with?
It’s a big list of folks I want to catch up with: The Portland posse – Vitaly Paley, Adam Sappington, Andy Ricker, and Joannna Ware are all good friends so looking forward to seeing them, Greg Denton, and imports like Paul Kahan and Chris Cosentino along with the pork boys– Stephen Gerike, Jason Alley and Justin Brunson

Smoked 2015

What dish are you most excited to make?Grilled wagyu beef tongue with muhamarra. Currently one of my favorites on the PUBLIC menu so looking forward to sharing the love at Smoked

Favorite place(s) to eat in Portland?Country Cat and  Imperial are my mandatory meals every visit. I love Ox, chicken and rice from Nong's food truck (I once had it twice to fight off a hangover), and I want to go and try Kachka. Had a super fun time cooking with Gabe Rucker last year so I’ll also go grab a bite at Le Pigeon or Little Bird

Kachka's 2015 dish for Night Market

Besides your restaurant, what one restaurant should we go to when visiting your city?That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child so kinda an unfair question. I think it is super fun to hang out in Nolita, the neighborhood that PUBLIC is in and check out Uncle Boons , Musket Room, and Balaboosta- world class Thai, New Zealand, and Israeli cuisine within two blocks

What is on your cooking playlist?Old and strangely diverse stuff like Johnny Cash, Beastie Boys,  Jesus Lizard, John Spencer Blues Explosion, the Pogues, but also newer like bands like Avett brothers

What are the 3 ingredients you must always have on-hand?Aleppo chili, preserved lemon, maldon salt

Thanks to Brad, aleppo is a regular in my kitchen!

What would your last meal be?Morbid question…would definitely want it to be big party with lots of friends and family. Probably some middle Eastern mezze with raw kibbeh, grilled lamb, grain salad, grilled shrimp with labaneh and Aleppo oil, hummus, baba ghanoush, and fresh baked pita. It reminds me of my childhood. And we would be drinking some aged Alsatian Riesling like the ‘89 cuvĂ©e Frederic Emile Vendanges Tardive that I brought back when I visited the winery, and some red ‘99 Chateau Musar to keep the Lebanese theme going.

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